Old Man of the Mountains". Created by Jiri Trnka Studio (Volume 1 of 2)

The Old Man of The Mountains

This is from a VHS that's becoming increasingly scarce, so I've put it here for posterity. It's not my intention to breach copyright. If the producers would prefer me to remove it please don't hesitate to get in touch with me. I think this is a fabulous film - it tells various fables of human conflict and redemption, stimulating the imagination through magic, mysticism and humour. Brian Blessed's narration makes it particularly enjoyable. "Our story begins far away and long ago, in the time when fairy stories were true. Everywhere in the world Gods and magical spirits were at work, and none had more power than the Old Man of the Mountains. He was present in the trees, and in the wind, and in the air. He was a friend of all living things, from the creatures of the forest to the people in the valley. From his home in the great mountain he watched over them. And whenever the people got themselves into trouble, he would come down to help them. Sometimes he appeared as a giant. But more often he put on his favourite disguise; as an Old Man of the Mountains". Created by Jiri Trnka Studio (Volume 1 of 2)

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